Nearly 9 of 10 parents worry about their children falling behind due to loss of learning and loss of connections that began during the pandemic. Research has shown that when children don’t feel seen and heard, they often struggle academically, socially and/or emotionally.

At Boys’ Latin, being known and valued is the foundation of the education we provide. Why do we do this? Because we know that it impacts students’ ability to grow in confidence, thrive inside and outside the classroom and reach their full potential.  

At Boys’ Latin, teachers get to know each boy, learning what drives him, what books he loves, and what his favorite part of the school day is.  Here, teachers are mentors and peers become brothers. We know that when learning takes place in an environment of trust and collaboration it raises academic performance and builds confidence.  

We invite you to complete the brief form below to receive 5 Reasons Why Being Known and Valued at School Makes a Difference.  Boys’ Latin students grow in confidence and independence every day. Explore how your son could as well.


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