It’s About to Get a Lot Easier to Get a Concealed Carry License in Maryland

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Just as the national conversation has once again turned to gun control in the aftermath of the tragic Aurora, Colorado shooting, Federal District Judge Benson E. Legg has struck down an obstacle to obtaining a concealed carry license in Maryland. Starting August 7, no longer will concealed carry applicants need to demonstrate a “good and substantial reason” to carry a gun, transforming Maryland from a “may issue” state to a “shall issue” one. The second amendment will be all the reason you need.

Gun control proponents predict the ruling will increase violent crime, while gun control advocates swear it will deter it. But of course you already knew that. Anyway, there are currently around 12,000 active carry permits in the state, and pro-gun groups predict tens of thousands of Marylanders will obtain permits in the wake of the ruling.

The Maryland Attorney General is appealing to decision, but unless he can convince a U.S. Court of Appeals to delay the effect of the ruling Maryland becomes the Wild West — at least for a time — on August 7.

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