Joe Flacco and Wife Dana Are Expecting Again

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Joe Flacco and his wife Dana are expecting
The Flaccos’ second son, Daniel, on his first birthday. VIa Twitter

“Team Flacco” is growing. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco just announced that he and his wife Dana are expecting their third child in January.So far, it looks like the Flaccos are having a child every 15 months or so. Their first two sons were born in June 2012 and September 2013. And in an interview on the team’s website, Flacco said he doesn’t want to stop there.

“I’d be satisfied with five,” he said. “Kids are a lot of fun. It would be cooler to have more, but if we got to five and that was it, I’d be cool with that. I’m satisfied now, but I want as many as I could have.”

So expect more announcements like this one, but maybe only a couple more.

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