John Waters Endorses Deray Mckesson for Baltimore Mayor

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Via DeRay Mckesson's Twitter profile.
Photo via DeRay Mckesson’s Twitter profile.

“I realize many candidates wouldn’t want my endorsement,” Baltimore filmmaker John Waters concedes in a short Twitter video. “And sure the two front-runners in the election would do a good job if they won, but would anything really change?”

The “Pope of Trash” went on to endorse DeRay Mckesson for mayor of Baltimore. It’s one more high-profile celebrity endorsement for the Black Lives Matter activist and popular social media personality, who has been irking some locals with his Manhattan fundraisier and support from non-Baltimore celebrities.

The endorsement itself has a casual tone typical of Waters but perhaps a little underwhelming in this context: “I’m not sure what I can do to help Baltimore with its problems these days,” Waters says, “so why not let somebody younger and more radical than I am have a crack at it?”

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