For years, dirt- and vegetable-minded Johns Hopkins students have tried to find a spot on campus to use as a college/community garden. The problem is, land is a premium resource on college campuses, and the school confined the gardening to random corners, backyards, and other out-of-the-way spots. But no longer! The university recently agreed to let students and other like-minded folks use a sizable piece of property to practice sustainable food production. “What’s even more significant is that we can share the space with interested neighbors and other community groups in the city,” writes a Wei-ting Chen, a Hopkins grad student and a member of the Garden Steering Committee. “Now we just need the expertise, passion, energy and social support from other gardeners and food fanatics.”

According to Chen, the plan is to pair Hopkins affiliates with gardeners from community groups in the area to take responsibility for individual plots, with the hope that they will learn more about each other while learning and practicing sustainable agriculture. And things can expand from there.

The garden is located in Waverly on the Johns Hopkins campus at Eastern, along Loch Raven Boulevard, and the first meeting takes place next week, on Thursday, November 3, 6-7:30pm at Johns Hopkins University at Eastern (1101 East 33rd Street Baltimore, MD 21218), 1st floor Training and Development. If you want to get involved, stop by, and/or send an email to