graduation student - I did it!

The Times — of course I mean the London Times, you provincial Americans! — has come up with a list ranking the 500 best universities in the entire world.

So if anyone from Harvard is feeling insecure about Stanford, Pomona, and Princeton beating them in recent Forbes rankings, they can always remind themselves that The Times thinks they’re the best university in the whole world. (And since we don’t yet know of any institutes of higher learning on other planets, doesn’t that also make them the best school in the universe?) Rounding out the top five are Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, and the UK’s University of Cambridge. And our very own Johns Hopkins made it on to the list at #17.

While the very top spots are dominated by the US and UK, the list also includes 28 schools from China, 38 from Germany, 20 from Japan, and 1 each from Malaysia and India. Overall, US schools made up 149 of the top 500 schools, and 52 of the top 100.