Johns Hopkins Professor Helped Compile ‘Trump Syllabus’

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Among many other things, Donald Trump’s election victory made lots of people want to read. The fact that New York Times subscriptions are up since he was elected are one sign. Beyond the daily paper, a Hopkins professor helped compile a reading list to understand how Trump became as popular as he did.

Hopkins historian N.D.B. Connolly and the University of Iowa’s Keisha Blain went viral with Trump Syllabus 2.0, at least in the academic sense. The reading list is the most-read article ever on Public Books, an online journal. They built on an earlier syllabus from the Chronicle of Higher Education titled Trump 101, according to the JHU Hub.

It seeks to frame Trump’s rise historically with a look at reconstruction, an essay on “Authoritarian Populism” and reads on topics like Islamophobia, immigration, misogyny and the Tea Party.

“I’m extraordinarily heartened by the power of social media to bring intellectual work to the public and public debates to intellectuals,” he told the Hub.

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