Johns Hopkins’s Record-Breaking Admissions Year

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Hopefully you didn’t have to apply for undergraduate admission to Johns Hopkins this year. If you did, you were in good company; the school once again had record-breaking application numbers (20,613!) vying for a very small number of spots (the freshman class will hopefully total 1,300). Some more stats on those who made the cut below:

+The school admitted 530 students under its early decision program, and sent 2,934 “congratulations!” emails to high school students this week, for a grand total of 3,464 admits.

+Half of all admitted students were women this year (as was the case last year as well); the school is working to adjust a gender-balance that skewed male.

+Average SAT scores were 1472.

+Thirty-eight percent of admitted students were offered need-based funding (compared with Harvard, where 60 percent of students receive some form of financial aid).

+Admitted students came from all 50 states and 51 countries.

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