We’re all feeling it- the fatigue that comes with nine months of uncertainty due to COVID 19. With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s easy to let the magic of the season slip away. 

The never ending feeling that you’re stuck in the movie, Groundhog Day, and the wish that everything would go back to normal- we’ve all felt it in one way or another.

The holidays don’t seem exactly the same, and finding ways to keep the celebrations alive has proven to be tricky.

There has been one surprising place that we’ve found the magic is still alive and well, full of sparkle, wonderment, creative energy, and celebration:

Grace Preschool Baltimore.

The faces entering the building each day- the giggles, the wide-eyed wonderment and excitement for what each day will hold, the anticipation of finishing that last gift to share with family members, and the never ending enthusiasm for Festive Fridays have helped to (as they say) “Make the season bright…”.

It is not uncommon to see director, Tami James, in one of her crazy headbands, jingling as she dances through the carpool line.

You’ll see bundled children playing outside with smiles warmer than the mittens on their hands. Even though it is getting cold, the students at Grace love their time outdoors with friends.

You’ll see students working to sharpen their skills in the most festive of ways. The boys and girls have loved learning about Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah. Sharing traditions from home has been a highlight of the day for most of our students.

You’ll see excited little hands busily creating props for their Holiday program. “Can I paint the backdrops?”  “Who gets to be Rudolph?” “ My Kwanzaa mat was braided perfectly!”

You’ll see lots of festive hands-on learning taking place. What weighs more? Is it a candy cane or a bow? How can we tell? Can we build a two floor structure using marshmallows and toothpicks? What happens if my second floor is heavier than my first floor? Great questions lead to great discoveries, and the holidays are a perfect time to learn new things!

You’ll see that the spirit of giving is alive and well. Mittens, gloves, and scarves were collected and will be donated to Share Baby in Baltimore. The smiles of each boy and girl as items were added to the Share Baby tree were majestic and provided a gentle reminder of what is really important this holiday season.

And most of all, you’ll see the holiday magic in each and every child’s smile.

The holidays are not lost. They are truly not. Sometimes, all it takes is spending some time with the little ones to bring back that Holiday Sparkle.

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