Kennedy 50 Years Later: Memories of an Old Political Writer

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I feel compelled to add my own little stream of memory to the flood of recollections surrounding the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination Friday.

Surely many under 55 must marvel at the way their elders hold onto this event and this flawed man. For me, not only was the assassination part of my adolescent formation, but it had a real influence on my involvement in political life. Combined with the writing that I also did as a youth — I won a newspaper writing contest at age 10 or 11 — I can look back and see the beginnings of the meandering line that brought my career to where I am today.

I can remember watching some of the 1956 Democratic convention on black and white TV — or maybe I am remembering the rebroadcasts in later years of that convention when John Kennedy was a serious candidate for vice president.
Seeing JFK in person

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