Are Kevin Plank and Barack Obama Officially Golfing Buddies Now?

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398px-Kevin_Plank_-_UA_photoThree’s a trend, but getting two golf outings with the president in one year has to qualify as something. Kevin Plank managed to secure a spot on Obama’s links list for a second time over the weekend.

According to CBS Baltimore, the Under Armour founder and POTUS played a round of 18 at the Caves Valley Golf Club in Owings Mills on Saturday. A pair of presidential aides also played to round out the foursome. The AP has photos that seems to indicate the president made a good joke.

It’s the second time Plank and Obama took to the posh, members-only course this year. They last played on April 17.

No word yet on who won. Plank is known to be competitive, but is this a case where even a billionaire lets the other guy win?

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