Kevin Spacey Wins First Golden Globe, Drops F-Bomb

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Kevin Spacey wins first Golden Globe
Kevin Spacey in London, via Xerxesirl’s Flickr account.

Well if this is how he’s going to act, maybe we shouldn’t give him anymore. Kevin Spacey won the Golden Globe last night for Best Actor in a Television Drama for his portrayal of Frank Underwood in the Baltimore-shot House of Cards. It was his first such award and he celebrated by dropping an F-bomb during his acceptance speech.

“This is the just the beginning of my revenge,” he said. “This is the eighth time I’ve been nominated. I cannot f—ing believe I’ve won.”

Perhaps it was the booze talking. He reportedly told Ethan Hawke that you don’t eat at the Golden Globes, “you just get drunk.”

Congrats, Spacey! It’s nice having you in Baltimore — even if the tax credits the state gives your show might not be worth it.

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss was nominated for her portrayal of Selina Meyer in the Baltimore-shot Veep, but she lost to Gina Rodriguez of Jane the Virgin.

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