We walked into the Roland Park brasserie Petit Louis last week and immediately saw a table of smiling, pretty women — laughing in the corner. They were sartorially festive without being, well, dressed in red and green. No Christmas sweaters for these girls!

From left to right:

Sarah Rhea, Stacey Vandiver, Jodi Lebow, Brigette Meushaw and Lauren Gordon.

Hi girls! Can we interrupt? You all look so happy. What’s the occasion?

We are breaking away from a busy holiday season to go to Paris for lunch!

How do you know each other?

Two of us grew up together, three live in the same neighborhood and two have children
in the same school. We all met through each other.

You all look great. Did you make a special effort when you got dressed today?

(They all laugh.) Sarah (a pharmaceutical rep): I came from work. Stacey (a teacher at Soul Body): I just taught a barre class. Jodi (a personal trainer): I had a doctor’s appointment. Brigette: I came from my store, the Lily Pad in Towson. And Lauren: I’m a doctor. I have been up all night at the hospital!

Okay, so you are all smart girls. Do you care about fashion? You each have a unique style.

We are all fashionistas at heart. And we all care about what we wear. Some days more than others!

But today all you needed to look beautiful was to wear those smiles.

Lunch in Paris will do that for you.