Last Minute Holiday Home Decor Ideas from Sprezzatura

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magnolia wreath

Sprezzatura’s festive magnolia wreaths are a great addition to any window, door or above the fireplace.


Real boxwood wreaths are treated with a preservative to provide many years of pleasure.  We have many different sizes in stock in both square and round shapes.


website square smaller

These lovely holly candles come in both tapers and pillars and burn absolutely beautifully.



Sprezzatura’s mercury glass ornaments capture and reflect holiday light throughout the home.


Sprezzatura’s collection of fine Chinese porcelain makes a charming addition to any holiday decor.

Offering the finest in gift, decor and personal accessories, Sprezzatura is located in Stevenson Village, nestled among the rolling hills of Greenspring valley, just a short drive north of Baltimore.


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Monday through Saturday
10am – 5pm


Located in Stevenson Village 10429 Stevenson Road Stevenson, MD 21153


[email protected]

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