Latest Orioles Bobblehead is Pirate Manny Machado

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Captain_Manny_dyycht31_h1p75auyThe big league Orioles may be moving on to garden gnomes, but minor league promoters in Bowie know that baseball and bobbleheads go hand-in-hand. The Bowie Baysox aren’t beyond a little skullduggery in their figurines, though.

The latest Bowie Baysox bobblehead is a pirate version of Manny Machado. aka “Captain Manny Machado.” It will be given out to Baysox fans on August 9.

Why are dressing the O’s gold glove third baseman as a pirate? Why, because it’s pirates and ninjas day at the stadium, of course.  Fans are encouraged to dress like a scallawag, just like bobblehead Manny.

“Captain Manny has finished his grog and is ready for another adventure at Prince George’s Stadium,”said an announcement from Ashley Nalley, Baysox Assistant Director of Ticket Sales and the team’s resident pirate enthusiast. “Fans can follow him around the seven seas to find the loot or otherwise may walk the plank.”

This from the team that hosted Back Hair Appreciation Night.

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