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Calling all middle and high school students! Light City Baltimore presents the Bright Lights Youth Festival, a collection of free conferences and workshops to engage and inspire young people about social and creative innovation.  On Friday, April 1 and Saturday, April 2 from 2 to 7 pm, the Columbus Center will be the hub for social innovation education for young people ages 11 through 18.

Register for the Bright Lights Youth Festival on Event Brite at A full schedule is available below.

Baltimore Urban Debate League (BUDL) – Youth Debaters

Friday, April 1 – 2:00 pm

Through this presentation, BUDL youth debaters hope to engage others to think about the peace that can come through conflict. Connecting Baltimore’s experience in the MLK riots of 1968 and the unrest in 2015, debaters challenge listeners to move us to peace that improves our city. The end of the presentation will be a challenge to the audience to light up Baltimore through peace, conversation, spoken word, rap, storytelling — by using their voice. 


“Telling Your Truth” by Anthony Newman of

Banner Neighborhoods Community Corporation

Friday, April 1 – 3:00 pm

“Telling Your Truth” will introduce participants to the art of storytelling by identifying purposeful life experiences and evoke ideas from personal stories. Banner Neighborhoods is a community based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting residents in their efforts to enhance the quality of life throughout ten Southeast Baltimore communities.


“Blackonomics Episode 2: Economics” by New Lens

Friday, April 1 – 3:00 pm

“Blackonomics Episode 2: Economics” is a film and discussion created by students of New Lens, that examines past and current economic structure and the role it plays in minority communities. New Lens is a youth-driven social justice organization that makes art and media about issues where a youth perspective can inspire change.


“Illumania!” by Future Makers

Friday, April 1 – 4:30 pm and Saturday, April 2 – 4:00 pm


“Hypnotica Design Challenge” is a session were attendees will create a spinning light machine, using motors, batteries, LED’s and craft materials, while exploring the elements of simple circuits, physics and the persistence of vision.


“Light Painting Pop-Up” will allow participants to create an LED light paint brush and “paint” in the dark booth using slow-speed cameras. Photos can be printed or uploaded to social media.  Future Makers is a local organization that provides hands-on, immersive making and learning activities for children and families.


“Baltimore Is Lit” by Kenneth Morrison of Dew More Baltimore

Friday, April 1 – 5:00 pm and Saturday, April 2nd –2:00pm

“Baltimore is Lit” is led by Kenneth Morrison of Dew More Baltimore and features National Slam Poets and hip hop artists. The participants will be guided to write “Odes” (poems/ raps) highlighting what makes their city “Lit” (amazing). Dew More Baltimore is a community-based-organization dedicated to using art and community organizing as tools to increase community engagement in the greater Baltimore community.


“What Art Reveals About the Human Brain” by Dr. Mónica López-González

Friday, April 1 – 6:00 pm

“What Art Reveals About the Human Brain” is an interactive discussion that will engage the youth on how the visual and auditory system works with the brain, and how to use that knowledge to create captivating art. Mónica López-González, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Scientific & Artistic Director of La Petite Noiseuse Productions, is a Cognitive Scientist, Creative Consultant, Educator, Entrepreneur, Multidisciplinary Artist, Speaker and Writer with a Certificate of Art in Photography from Maryland Institute College of Art and a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Johns Hopkins University.


“RazorBot Challenge” by Sam Hanson

Saturday, April 2 – 2:00 pm

The “Razor Bot Challenge” will challenge individuals to design and create a one-of-a-kind robot to compete in the robot tournament. There can only be one robot left standing when the sun sets.  Leading a team with over 20 years of combined robot design experience, Sam Hanson uses this robotics based workshop to teach the fundamentals of robot design and fabrication.


“Tourography” by Mike Star

Saturday, April 2 – 3:00pm and 5:00pm

“Tourography” is a creative and innovative set of movements that teach the fundamentals of dancing on stage and performing for live shows. Fused techniques of facial expressions, breathing exercises and 8-counts are taught to a dance-mix of Pop, Top 40s, Hip Hop, and Contemporary music.  Mike Star, an emerging breakout pop-star, fuses popular styles of music and art to create powerful and impactful entertainment with meaning.


“Battle Rap 101” by Pit Fights Mc Battle League

Saturday, April 2 – 3:30 pm

“Battle Rap 101” will introduce participants to the evolution and fundamentals of battle rap. Through instruction and demonstration, individuals will participate in battle raps that address social topics effecting the youth in all communities. Pit Fights Mc Battle League is led by Shaka Pitts, founder/director of Hip Hop Artistic Company, which enables inner city youth to channel their creativity through writing and performance opportunities.


Zum-Hop-Swag” by The B_Side Dance Studio

Saturday, April 2 – 2:00pm and 4:00pm

“Zum-Hop-Swag” fuses Zumba, Hip Hop and Vogue movements that promote health and unity. Through a colorful arrangement, participants will learn fun and high-energy dance routines.  The goal of the B_Side Studio is to unite different cultures and genres of music to create new dance/art forms where everyone feels celebrated.


Lil Key – Showcase Headliner

Saturday, April 2 – 6:45 pm

End the day with a performance by Lil Key, an inspirational rap artist and Paul Laurence Dunbar High School 10th grade scholar who has not been deterred by his Brachial Plexus birth injury.  Along with maintaining an Honor Roll status and being an active volunteer in his community, Lil Key recently headlined at The Youth Bmore Summer Block Party and The Speak Life Tour and released his single “Love 2 Hate Me” on Yahoo Music.


Bright Lights, Bright Ideas! Lounge

3rd Level – Balcony

Open both days, the Bright Lights, Bright Ideas! The lounge is designed to trigger conversation and collaboration among attendees. Visitors are invited to relax on funky and creative furniture, and enjoy light refreshments in between workshops and conferences.


The inaugural Light City Baltimore takes place March 28-April 3, 2016 and features the 1.5 mile BGE Light Art Walk with 50 attractions including illuminated visual artworks, street theater, musical performances, and concerts.  The original artworks are by local, regional, national and international artists selected by a jury through a call of entry held in the spring of 2015. Daytime programming features Light City U, four ticketed innovation conferences dedicated to powering social change.

For more information on Light City Teen Scholars or Light City Baltimore, call 410-752-8632 or visit  

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