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Light City Baltimore’s electricity bill won’t break the bank this year. The event’s light installations use state-of-the-art energy-saving lighting units. Credit: Light City/BOPA

For a second year, Light City Baltimore will light up our town with a world-class light show, art, music and innovation conferences from March 31 to April 8. According to Jamie McDonald, Light City’s board co-chair, “If the light celebration, music and art is the beauty, the [email protected] innovation conferences during the day are the brains.”

Consider checking out the sustainability-focused [email protected] on April 4. GreenLab will offer insights and strategies from national and local thinkers on how we can chart a sustainable future for every zip code.

The [email protected] will focus on six areas of innovation: environmental, health, education, social, design and food.

“When our [email protected] curation team looked to develop each conference lineup, we wanted participants to gain a 360º understanding of today’s critical topics. We brought thinkers together that will provide a circle-of-innovation of ideas surrounding each topic,” said McDonald.

The sustainability-focused [email protected] just may be the “green brain protein shake” needed to fuel Baltimore and Maryland’s incredible sustainable work already underway.

Check out the GreenLab’s super-interesting day of innovation here.

GreenLab World-Class Speakers

The event’s keynote speaker is Dr. Leyla Acaroglua 2016 United Nations Champion of the Earth winner. Her mission is to disrupt the status quo and make our world work better for all. Dr. Acaroglu will discuss her systems and sustainability sciences approach that aims to advance the role of sustainability in every decision-making framework.

Another highly sought national speaker visiting Baltimore is Dr. Majora Carter, a MacArthur Genius Grant winner. Dr. Carter was an inaugural TED Talk speaker, and her passionate urban renewal talk brought her to the big stage. Through her urban revitalization consulting firm, Carter is a change maker for the advancement of health, education and economics in low-status communities.

GreenLab Local Leaders

Many of the Baltimore area’s sustainability thought leaders are bringing their expertise to GreenLab.

Susan Aplin, CEO of Baltimore-based Bambeco, will share the challenges of green entrepreneurship. The Abell Foundations’s Lynn Heller will expand on climate change, poverty and the energy divide. Heller will also moderate an interactive panel discussing Baltimore’s grassroots greening with experts from Urban Pastoral, Parks & People Foundation and Civic Works. Gardening, green innovation in our economy and bringing solar to Maryland’s communities will all be covered at GreenLab.

Not Your Typical Conference

The Labs’ format is pretty creative, too. Don’t plan on a lot of sitting and listening to talking heads. Breaks and lunches are designed to bring participants and thinkers together at roundtables. Each one will have an assignment posing two questions that the newly formed team can work on together. You can choose to check your mobile at the breaks or do some stretching and yoga guided by Baltimore’s best trainers. A conference-closing exercise will help the collective group reflect on the day’s topics and takeaways.

GreenLab will run from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 4. It will take place at the Inner Harbor’s IMET Columbus Center located at 701 E Pratt Street. Use the coupon code LUCKY99 to purchase a ticket for $99.

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