Yes, the shelves were picked bare at all the local grocery stores — nary a loaf of bread, bottle of water, jar of peanut butter, or box of cereal to be found — and you can forget about toilet paper.
One reader just sent us an email reporting that, “the lines at The Wine Source in Hampden on Sunday were, according to one staffer, all but unprecedented (on par with just before closing on Thanksgiving Day)…The line curved all the way into the back and down an aisle , as people cheerfully geared up.”
She goes on to report that one little old  man with a large bottle of Johnnie Walker Black said to her, “When in doubt, we in Baltimore drink it out!,” to which his wife, with two big bottles of Yellow Tail Chardonnay said, “Yes, indeed!!!!!! And I made sure we had Advil for our recovery!”
Batten down the hatches!