Secret Admirer No More: Write Your Love Letter to a Baltimore Building

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Is there a building in Baltimore that just makes your heart sing? Do you drive slowly by, observing all the details? Do you go out of your way just to see it? Do you spend time thinking about what you’d do if you owned it? About how fabulous it would be to have a party there? Then write a Love Letter to it!

The Baltimore Architecture Foundation, the non-profit for people who love architecture, is celebrating the first anniversary of “Love Letters to Baltimore Buildings.” The Love Letters were launched last year around Valentine’s Day to give fellow citizens the chance to share their thoughts and words about their favorite buildings in Baltimore. They are published every other week in our on-line newsletter, Keystone.

The building of your dreams might be a small carriage house like this one…

Carriage House

Or a place that’s an icon in Baltimore like the Patterson Park Pagoda


The building might be one that people love to hate, like the late Mechanic Theatre

BALTIMORE, MD -- 7/22/04 --BALTIMORE, MD--JULY 22, 2004-- The Mechanic Theater, pictured, will lose its long time operator after July 31. Digital images by Algerina Perna/Baltimore Sun Staff TO Mechanic Theatre ADIGITAL#DSC_0071. No Mags, No Sales, No Internet, No TV

Maybe your favorite building is an Icosikaidigon (you’ll have to click to find out what that is!)…

If you’d like to share your love for a local building, the Baltimore Architecture Foundation will publish it in our bi-weekly newsletter, Keystone and archive it on our website. We’re looking for love letters from 150 to 450 words. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a writer, as long as you write from the heart about a building that you love and want to share with Baltimore! And if you’re not inclined to write a love letter, we encourage you to read the ones we’ve archived. Some of them will break your heart.

Please include the address of your beloved building and if possible, a digital image. Authors should also include a short, one-sentence bio. Letters will be reviewed and copyedited by BAF staff. Send your submissions to [email protected].

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