Machado Charged the Mound Last Night, Benches Cleared

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Still via Fox Sports
Still via Fox Sports

Last night the Baltimore Orioles trounced the Kansas City Royals 9-1. As if that weren’t enough of a beating, Manny Machado charged the mound and landed a punch on the Royals’ starting pitcher in the fifth.

Following an at-bat in which Machado stuck around home plate to see if a fly ball was going to leave the park (which I guess broke one of the many unwritten rules of baseball), Yordano Ventura hit the all-star with a 99 mph fastball.

(Ventura would later claim it was unintentional, but video of the incident shows the pitcher tossing his glove and hat pretty nonchalantly to prepare for retaliation.)

Machado charged the mound without hesitation, and landed at least one punch before the two were wrestling on the ground. Both benches cleared, and while it looks as if a couple other players got caught up with it, order was restored rather quickly.

Machado and Ventura were ejected from the game, and we’re waiting to see what they’ll get served with in terms of a possible multi-game suspension and fine.

But if you were to ask Machado, he shouldn’t get penalized at all:

“He hit me with a 99 mph fastball and 99 is no joke,” Machado said. “You can ruin someone’s career like that. I don’t regret anything. It is part of the game. Reactions fly.”

Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones agrees. “Screw it, defend yourself,” Jones said. “Someone is trying to hurt you maliciously, you go out there and defend yourself. I hope the league reviews what happened. When you have a weapon at 100 mph and you don’t have to hit, and you are trying to hurt somebody, that is not part of the game.”

Here’s the incident:

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