Voters can drop off their ballots at official ballot boxes, like this one from the 2020 election cycle in Wheaton, Maryland. Photo by Karen Denny/Capital News Service.

Mail-in ballots will begin being delivered this week to Maryland voters who have requested one and 288 ballot drop boxes have been installed across the state, the Maryland State Board of Elections announced Monday.

Unlike the 2020 election cycle, when Maryland voters were automatically sent mail-in ballots, this cycle the state sent out mail-in ballot request forms to all eligible voters which voters then had to fill out and send back if they wanted a mail-in ballot sent to them.

So far, the state has sent more than 400,000 mail-in ballots to eligible Maryland voters who have requested them, including nearly 40,000 to Baltimore City residents, according to election officials.

The state elections board also reported that it recently mailed about 600,000 mail-in ballot request forms to newly registered voters. Those request forms will also begin arriving at voters’ residences this week, election officials said.

Important dates and information:

Voter registration deadline (for primary election): June 28. Click here to register to vote, update your registration, or check your registration status. If you prefer to fill out a paper application, you can print out a voter registration application, fill it out and turn it into the state elections board or your local elections board.

Mail-in ballot request deadline: July 12. Marylanders who want to vote by mail in the primary election must fill out and turn in a mail-in ballot request form to the state elections board or their local elections board. The boards must receive mail-in ballot request forms by July 12. Voters will then be sent the actual mail-in ballot. If you want to vote by mail in the primary election but have not submitted a ballot request yet, you can do so here.

Mail-in ballot voting period: June 13-July 19. Mail-in ballots must be postmarked no later than July 19 (the date of the primary election) in order to be counted.

Early voting: July 7-July 14. Voters can cast their ballot in person during the early voting period between 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day from Thursday, July 7 through Thursday, July 14. Voters can vote at any early voting center in the county where they live. There are 96 early Voting centers across Maryland, seven of which are in Baltimore City. Find a nearby early voting center here.

Mail-in ballot drop off deadline: June 13-July 19. In addition to sending in their mail-in ballot through the United States Postal Service, voters can also return it to an official ballot box. There are 288 ballot drop-off boxes across Maryland, including 34 in Baltimore City.. Ballot boxes will be available for use from Monday, June 13 through Tuesday, July 19 at 8 p.m. Find a nearby ballot drop-off location by consulting this complete list of ballot box locations.

Maryland primary election day: July 19. If voting in person, be sure to confirm your polling place online.

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