Monday night, a man allegedly became “belligerent” at an Avengers screening at a Regal Cinema in Abingdon and pulled the fire alarm. And it wasn’t  that Ant-Man was left off the roster or that the film characters more closely resemble the recently revamped “Ultimate” line of Marvel characters than their classic counterparts. He was angry that the screening he was watching bore captions for the hearing impaired.

Of course, the man discovered the captions early on in the film (like, immediately, right?) and left the theater to complain to the manager. Fine. But the man refused both a refund and ticket vouchers and headed back to the theater to finish the 142-minute movie. Then, after it was all over, he became “belligerent and argumentative with management once again,” pulled a fire alarm, and left.

A couple things. First, I can totally appreciate that — in the true spirit of the film — the man would rather have been avenged than consoled. What Would Iron Man Do? Not accept a refund. Right on. Not only that, I’m sure that Mark Ruffalo’s sympathetic portrayal of the Incredible Hulk inspired this guy to (allegedly) let himself be directed by his rage, even for a few brief moments. But, really, you have to choose to either flip out and cause a scene or covertly pull the fire alarm. You can’t do both. You’ll get caught.