Could Maryland Become a Sanctuary State?

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The Trump administration said it will cut funding to sanctuary cities, and the debate over providing protections to immigrants played out in other jurisdictions like Howard County. A new bill in Maryland is moving the debate to the state level. 

According to Fox5 DC, a Montgomery County Democrat is backing a bill that would make Maryland a sanctuary state. Del. Marice Morales’ proposal would stop police statewide from asking questions about citizenship, and participating in federal enforcement raids.

It’s another sign of opposition to Trump coming out of the state house in Annapolis. Democrats hold majorities in the General Assembly, and already passed a bill that gives the state Attorney General the power to sue the Trump administration. That measure also passed Wednesday, the Washington Post reports.

But the measures have drawn rebuke from Republicans. Last week, GOP Senators walked out during debate over the Frosh measure. Del. Nic Kipke, the House GOP leader, said Morales’ bill would create “anarchy.”

Morales said she’s not that comfortable with the “sanctuary state” label herself. The bill is dubbed the Trust Act. “However,” she told Fox5 DC, “studies have shown that immigrants are more likely to be victims of crime rather than being criminals themselves.”

To become law, Gov. Larry Hogan would have to sign the bill.

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