This is just the kind of thing Republicans should love. In an effort to save money, Maryland lawmakers are considering a Democrat-sponsored bill that would make it easier for the state to privatize government facilities. The construction and maintenance of public assets like roads, bridges, schools, and government buildings would be carried out by private companies. You’d think the Maryland GOP would be happy to watch the Dems eat a little free-market crow, maybe give them a chops-busting “I told you so!” and leave it at that.

But ironically enough, Republicans largely do NOT support the bill, which they say would allow the state to circumvent long-standing procurement laws which currently referee the contract-awarding process to minimize corruption.

Also at issue is a provision in the bill that would allow the state sign long-term contracts with these private companies. And when I say “long-term,” I mean Justin-Bieber-senior-citizen-long, or up to 50 years. Here’s to no regrets!

It’s hard to say how this thing will end up. I guess it depends partially on how long either party can stand to ostensibly fight against their own principles before short-circuiting.