Maryland is on the cusp of welcoming full-blown casinos into the state, but a far more morally questionable industry has been fomenting here for a while now. Turns out, Maryland already boasts “two dozen” businesses that work on unmanned drone aircraft, and our odd collection of resources poises us to come out on top in the burgeoning weaponized-roomba-with-wings industry.

For one, we’ve got the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, where experts are currently working to make drones that can communicate among themselves (I guess so that when they ultimately gain sentience they can coordinate an attack that takes down the human race). We’ve got AAI Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Aberdeen Proving Ground, the University of Maryland, and Lockheed Martin.

Head of Maryland’s office of military and federal affairs Mike Hayes looks to the future of the drone industry in Maryland with the kind of with the kind of careless abandon you never really want to hear from someone involved with making flying robots that can kill you: “We think we are very well-positioned to be at the forefront of wherever this path leads us.”