Courtesy of Citybizlist – On the heels of the state’s special legislative session and in the midst of calls for increased taxes, the Maryland Public Policy Institute has released its third annual edition of “The Annapolis Report,” a review of the state’s 2011 legislative session.

Authored by Senior Fellow Gabriel J. Michael, the report examines legislation in key areas, such as taxes, healthcare, and education, and also provides an overview of the year’s progress in public sector pension reform. In contrast to previous years, this year’s session witnessed a significant improvement in the overall approach to the state’s budget, primarily due to a concerted effort to reduce the state’s structural deficit by one-third. Education has proved to be a consistently high-scoring area for the state, and remains so this year; however, this outcome is offset by failing scores in tax policy, driven by tax increases and windfall tax credits.

Unlike legislative report cards, The Annapolis Report is not dominated by a single issue, nor does it evaluate the performance of individual legislators. Rather, it considers the actions of Maryland’sGeneral Assembly as a whole. The bulk of the report is made up of brief yet cogent analyses of selected legislation. Its goal is to act as an issue guide for Maryland’s citizens, taxpayers, and residents, by explaining policy and grouping related legislation together.

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