Maryland Trooper Charged with Assault Was Once a Hero at Camden Yards

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Maryland state trooper Nathan Steelman, 28, was charged Tuesday with assaulting a man who flicked a cigarette at him, after Steelman had the man in custody. As the Baltimore Sun pointed out, this is the same state trooper he came to the aid of an injured Yankees fan at Camden Yards in 2013.

The alleged assault occurred in December. State police spokesman Greg Shipley told WJZ that Chuck Snook, 31, tossed a lighted cigarette at Steelman, who was not in uniform, from inside his car at a convenience store parking lot, hitting the trooper in the chest. After the alleged cigarette-flicker drove away, Steelman looked up his license plate number and obtained a warrant for his arrest for second-degree assault.

Ironically, that’s one of the charges Steelman now faces after he allegedly pushed a handcuffed Snook “into a door and punched him several times in the torso.”

Most ironic of all, Steelman was celebrated briefly in 2013 for reviving a man after he was attacked by Orioles fans at Camden Yards, reportedly for wearing a Yankees cap.

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