Maryland Wine Industry Sees Tremendous Growth Over Past Decade

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Courtesy Citybizlist – Warmer temperatures and a changing global climate could help the wine industry in Maryland by allowing a wider variety of grapes to grow throughout the state, climate scientists said.

“There are winners and losers,” from climate change, said Antonio Busalacchi, an advanced sommelier and climate scientist at the University of Maryland. “Some regions around the world will benefit from a warming climate.”

Busalacchi has studied 24 of the major wine regions throughout the world—half in old world regions like France and Italy, and half in the new world, like here in the U.S. He found that wines produced in old world regions face significant risk from climate change.

A changing climate in Maryland would mean warmer springs and summers, making for longer growing seasons, Busalacchi said. But a warming climate could hurt the wine industry as well.  Temperatures that reach too high can constrict the growing season and ruin crops. The Mid-Atlantic could face an eight fold increase in days that reach 100 degrees fahrenheit or more, Busalacchi said.

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