Photo via Maryland Zoo.

A new exhibit at the Maryland Zoo will recreate a prehistoric forest with life-size, animatronic Velociraptors, Triceratops, T. Rexes, and other creatures.

Over 15 giant robotic dinosaurs – some as tall as 35 feet – will be placed along a path in the zoo’s old-growth forest. 

“To see these dinosaurs at full scale in our forest will give you a sense of what it was like when they walked the planet,” said Kirby Fowler, the zoo’s president, in a statement announcing the exhibit.

“DINOSAURS: Explore the Prehistoric Forest,” will teach visitors how the prehistoric creatures moved, hunted, and raised their young. 

Dino Don Inc., one of the world’s leading makers of full-sized, robotic dinosaurs, created the dinosaurs for the exhibit, the zoo said. 

The exhibit will open on May 6 and close November 30.