Maryland’s Corn Mazes are Worth Stalking

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Corn MazeFall weekends still bring plenty of reason for road-tripping in Maryland. The cars just tend to flow inland, and the sand is replaced by crops.

Western Maryland is home to a stunning display of agricultural creativity. Not only do farms feature corn mazes that probably take hours on a tractor and lots of planning to craft. But those corn mazes also have themes. Sure, you can’t quite tell the shape unless you’re in the air, but knowing it’s there makes it fun.

Last year, the farms got some attention with Larry Hogan and Taylor Swift. CBS Baltimore has an early look at the themes on display this season, with Charlie Brown and the Orioles among the themes. Given the area’s precarious spot between metro areas, the football-themed approach at Mullinix Farm depicts The Battle of the Beltways.

We’ll be all ears for more entries as the season progresses.

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