Grover Norquist

Maryland’s 37 delegates to the Republican National Convention (wait, we have 37 Republicans in Maryland?!) are usually given less than VIP treatment — crummy seats at the convention, no big name speakers, etc. — but this year things are different.

Maryland’s diaspora Republicans will be seated right up front (just behind Puerto Rico) at the Tampa Bay Times Forum; they’re also staying at a “coveted” hotel — the very hotel my third favorite Grover — anti-tax lobbyist Grover Norquist — will be staying at.

Not only that — but “Gridlock Grover” (a name used by his critics, but one he probably approves of) will deliver a speech to the Maryland delegation on Thursday. According to The Sun, most of the state’s convention-goers credit Louis Pope, who is Maryland’s national committeeman as well as vicechair of the RNC’s rules committee, for the better treatment this time around. They better keep that guy around — or else it’s back to sleeping in a vanagon in the convention parking lot and eating beans out of a tin can in 2016.