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Baltimore is an amazing city full of culture and history. The city is named after the proprietary governor who founded the city and is home to one of the most protected harbors in the world.

Baltimore has overcome several challenges throughout history, including a great fire that left the city enshrouded in ashes. Today, Baltimore stands proud as one of the most fascinating places to visit in the United States. If you’re looking for a creative birthday gift idea for a loved one or simply to do something interesting with your family, Baltimore offers a long list of amazing things to do. Here are just a few:

Baltimore Harbor Cruise

Mastering Baltimore wouldn’t be possible without experiencing the city’s most prized and naturally protected harbors. The Baltimore Harbor dining cruise offers a cornucopia of eats and enlightens guests on the beauty of the city in its most natural state. The cruise is complete with everything you need including cocktails and dancing. This cruise is something you’ll remember for a lifetime.

White Water Rafting

You can’t find white water rafting just anywhere, but outside the city limits of Baltimore boasts some amazing water sport adventures. White water rafting is an amazing experience for groups, families and couples. Most water adventure programs offer an  experienced guide as well as the gear you need to raft safely and securely. White water adventure rafting is a perfect option for a day trip to escape the urban hustle and breathe into the serene countryside. White water rafting is an experience that’s usually safe for most ages depending on rapid level, so be sure to check with the water adventure company to be sure everyone is covered in terms of age group and water rapid levels.

Chesapeake Bay Sailing Cruise

If you’re looking for scenery, nature and water, the Chesapeake Bay Sailing Cruise is just about the perfect option. This beautiful sunset cruise is a hour and half cruise that navigates through one of Baltimore’s most beautiful sceneries. This cruise was voted one of the best near Baltimore for lovely views  of the city and  even better views of the bay. This cruise makes for a perfect gift idea for couples.

Baltimore Scenic Flight

Experience the history surrounding the area with a bird’s eye view. This amazing flight takes off in downtown Baltimore. You’re seated with an FAA certified pilot who will educate you on the history of the area from above. You can customize your flight itinerary with your pilot for the ultimate scenic tour. You will be able to see the Ravens stadium, Inner Harbor, Fells Point and more historic sites only found in Baltimore. This is perfect for all ages and any level of flight experience.

Baltimore Segway Tour

Yes, you have a chance to ride your very own Segway through this amazing city of Baltimore. Take a futuristic ride on an amazing machine to view the architecture, culture and amazing views on the tour of this great city. You’re given a guide with five years of experience. You’ll also be shown how to properly ride a Segway and the safety needed to enjoy it! You’ll learn about the amazing history while riding around on a futuristic machine, combining new and old perfectly for an amazing experience.

Crepe Making at Sofi’s

Experience a whole new kind of gift with this amazing time at Sofi’s. This fantastic and famous eatery located in Baltimore allows guests to make their own crepes and enjoy them with others. This is an afterhours experience with the owner. Whether you are a culinary lover or simply want a one of a kind experience within the city, Sofi’s offers a culinary learning experience with a dab of Baltimore culture at it’s finest. This is perfect for all ages, groups or couples.

Final Thought

Baltimore is a great city, full of amazing adventures and experiences. Whether you’re looking for an anniversary gift, a birthday gift, or just some time to spend with family, any of these gifts make for a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

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