Mathnasium of Roland Park is expanding its service hours to include Sundays from 2:00 – 4:00. “We continue to experience gradual growth by attracting a wide range of students in all school settings – private, public, and home school settings. All of our kids have one thing in common: they want to perform better in math whether they are behind, on-track, or ahead of their grade level,” says Center Director Jim Trexler. Mathnasium of Roland Park now offers 104 hours of service every month for a flat rate. “The more you use our services, the less you pay per session,” says Trexler.

Mathnasium is the number one math-only franchise in the country. “We have the tools, resources, and instructors to help any student in grades 2-12 improve their math skills,” says Trexler. For more information about Mathnasium of Roland Park, contact Jim Trexler at 443-863-0531, rolandpark@mathnasium.com or  www.mathnasium.com/rolandpark.

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