The scene today at the nation’s capital. Photo by Owen Dunn.
The scene today at the nation’s capital. Photo by Owen Dunn.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and others reacted with disgust today as they watched Trump supporters disrupt Congressional proceedings in an unseemly act of insurrection. Protestors gathered at the Capitol to object to the certification of Electoral College votes, overwhelming police to enter the Capitol building at around 2:30 p.m.

Both leaders are working with public safety agencies to help D.C. get the situation under control.

“I have spoken to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to offer our support and will continue to stay in close contact. Baltimore stands ready to support our sister city,” said Scott in a statement.

“What we’re seeing on Capitol Hill today is an attack on our democracy,” said Mayor Scott in a statement. “Donald Trump’s policies, actions and inactions have terrorized Black and Brown people across this country over the last four years. He has consistently stoked his base to act in hate. This behavior is not surprising to me, nor should it be for anyone. But let us not be desensitized. This is what white supremacy looks like. Donald Trump, the Members of Congress who continue to undermine the election, and those who are participating in this terrorist attack should be treated accordingly.”

Governor Hogan also had sharp words for the rioters:

“All Americans should be outraged by this attack on our nation’s Capitol. This is a heinous and violent assault on the heart of our democracy. I will not stand for this, and neither should any American,” said the governor in a statement.

“I am in close contact with Congressional leaders about the situation inside the Capitol. At my direction, the Maryland State Police is sending in troopers to assist the Metropolitan Police Department and the United States Capitol Police. I have instructed the Adjutant General of the Maryland National Guard to call up a rapid response force to support law enforcement and restore order.”

U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen criticized the president’s response and shared his disbelief at what had transpired:

Hard to take seriously the political arsonists, starting with Trump, when they say they want to put out the flames after they lit the match. I never thought we would live to see the day that violent mobs seized control of the Capitol. I cry for our country.

— Senator Chris Van Hollen (@ChrisVanHollen) January 6, 2021

Baltimore Catholic Archbishop William E. Lori added his sentiments with the following statement:

Our hearts are heavy as we witness the shocking and unlawful protests occurring in our nation’s capital. We fervently pray for peace and for God’s protection over our country, our lawmakers, and all those in harm’s way this terrible day. May peace-loving Americans of goodwill throughout the United States come together to engender peace, reconciliation and healing in our wounded and broken nation, which remains and must always be one, under God.

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Susan Dunn

Susan Gerardo Dunn is the founding editor and publisher of Baltimore Fishbowl.