Mayor SRB Talks to Johns Hopkins “Wire” Class

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Back when he was mayor, Martin O’Malley was decidedly not a fan of The Wire.

His successor, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, may not have ever watched a single episode of the acclaimed HBO drama, but she appreciates it enough to lecture on its impact on the city for a class of Johns Hopkins undergraduates, as the Baltimore Business Journal reports.

The class, officially known as Baltimore and The Wire, has featured a host of impressive guest lecturers, including David Simon (the show’s creator), Michael K. WIlliams (Omar!), and former mayor Kurt Schmoke.

“The city was a lot different than the Baltimore that you see now, and it’s certainly way different than the Baltimore I grew up in,” Rawlings-Blake told the class. “The violence was so pervasive — we knew people that went to parties and didn’t come home.” True to form, SRB went on to detail all the ways the city has gotten better since the bad old days depicted in The Wire.

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