Md. Dems, Stop Fighting in Front of Conservatives!

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If I didn’t know better, I might assume that Richard J. Douglas at National Review Online has never heard of a political primary. Because he’s having fits of schadenfreude over some pretty typical partisan infighting.

Here’s the thing that’s got National Review cackling. Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler wants to be governor. But so does fellow Democrat Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown. What do we end up with? Gansler skewering Brown over his desperate spinning of the state’s Obamacare rollout, for one.

That a Democrat would sling mud at another Democrat, making collateral damage out of a third Democrat’s signature piece of legislation, sounds like par for the course to me. But to Douglas, it signals the implosion of liberal politics.

He also throws in a little false indignation: “Instead of finding solutions for the tens of thousands of uninsured consumers unable to purchase plans or for the 73,000 Marylanders losing their existing policies,” Douglas writes, “Attorney General Doug Gansler and Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown are trading blows over the botched implementation.”***

But don’t worry, Douglas has found a “silver lining” for conservatives in all this. “What better vindication of conservative principles than liberals’ blaming each other for the failure of their own policies?” Douglas asks.

Translation: “Here we are in our glass house with no stones to throw. Wait, here’s one!”


***JUST TO BE CLEAR: By all appearances, the Obamacare rollout — and that of Maryland’s own state-run exchange — has been something of a fiasco. And I find it easy to believe that Brown and Gansler could have been doing more all along to protect the interests of Marylanders, but turning this into a self-congratulatory “I told you so” moment for mainstream conservatives is just too much.

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