Md. Landlord from Hell Tried to Violently Evict Tenants

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landlord from hell

Everyone has at least one “landlord from hell” story, but not many would top this. Martin Winepol, 71, stands accused of hiring a man to violently evict a 71-year-old woman and her adult son from an illegal basement apartment in Olney.

The woman claims she entered her bedroom at 8:30 p.m. on Aug. 6 to find four men and a woman who “yelled at her to take her things and leave.” The woman and her son were then grabbed and forcibly removed from the home. When the woman tried to dial 911, one of the intruders broke her phone. Then (for good measure?) they stole her son’s phone and left.

Only one of the attackers has been identified: Garfield Johnson, 50, of Parkville, a man police say Winepol paid $1,000 to scare the tenants off the property. Winepol met Johnson after patronizing his tree removal service.

One of the creepier elements of this story is that tenants in neighboring apartments say that Winepol told them he was hiring someone to get rid of the woman and her son and to expect screaming!

Police are still searching for the other four attackers.


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