On the subject of thought-controlled bionic arms and other amazing robots, we thought we’d let you know about an exciting opportunity to meet some of the most exciting robots out there today. Think of it as a sort of meet-and-greet, but not everyone in the room will be human.

The event is hosted by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (APL), one of the nation’s leading institutions for developing innovative technologies. For the first time ever, the APL is hosting an awards ceremony, complete with displays and demonstrations of new technologies. They promise “robots galore” and a chance to “mingle with the researchers who are creating the future.” Who could turn that chance down?

According to the APL, some of the robots featured will include:

  • Human Surrogates — human-like models (torso and arm) to help study blunt-force trauma injuries
  • RoboSally — a robotic system, leveraging two Modular Prosthetic Limbs, designed to replicate human capabilities to safely remove humans from life-threatening operations
  • EMAPS — a backpack-sized package for mapping and sensing in GPS-deprived areas
  • Transparent Armor — a thinner/lighter armor that protects against the same threat level as existing armor
  • Kevlar/Carbon NanoTube Armor — game-changing lightweight, flexible, body armor
  • Free Space Optics Terminal — demonstrating how optical communications can be as reliable as today’s fiber-reliant systems
  • ANIMATOR — a device that turns off-the-shelf, remote-controlled vehicles into autonomous, controlled vehicles
  • IBuoy — a mini, low-cost, expendable buoy made with off-the-shelf components and satellite data telemetry to measure ocean waves
  • IT Super Hero — a game that teaches players about the world of information technology and basic cybersecurity, like how to handle online stalkers
  • Models of the Transit (first navigation satellite), New Horizons (on its way to Pluto), and MESSENGER (now orbiting Mercury) spacecraft
  • Solar Probe Plus Spacecraft Sunshade — insulation material that defies blowtorch heat

Stop by the APL’s Kossiakoff Center tomorrow (Wednesday, May 1) from 4-6 p.m. to hang out with the ‘bots!

UPDATE: We rec’d word from one of our staff members — who too her kids to see the robots — that the event was closed to the public!  Our apologies to those of you who went to the event and were turned away! Our understanding was that the event was open to the public.  We are so sorry for the inconvenience. -The Eds.