Dwyer, “Sara”, Limited Edition Photograph
Dwyer, “Sara”, Limited Edition Photograph

“Drawing is the foundation of everything, it’s kind of primal.” -Charles Dwyer

Fascinated by the complexities of both the human form and the human mind, Charles Dwyer finds inspiration for his art in the simplicity of the face and the female form. He uses a variety of media to create images with both literal and figurative layers, and his skill in many areas of the creative process, from drawing to photography to painting, has made him one of the most talented artists of our time.

Meet the Artist Charles Dwyer at Renaissance Fine Arts in the Village of Cross Keys on Thursday, October 9, from 5 – 7 p.m. at a champagne reception, and view his new works on display at Renaissance Fine Arts on October 9 and 10.Visit the gallery website to learn more.

Meet the Artist: Champagne Reception Thursday, October 9th 5 – 7pm

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