Dennis Delp is the interim police chief for Baltimore County. Photo by John Lee/WYPR.

Baltimore County’s interim police chief said he wants the job permanently. During his first news conference with reporters on Tuesday since taking over the department last week, Dennis Delp said policing is a noble profession and being chief would allow him to be “a part of something bigger than myself.” Delp is a 28 year veteran of the Baltimore County Police Department.

“We get asked to act on behalf of society,” he said. “That’s the social contract that we operate under. It is an honor and privilege that we are entrusted in that.”

County Executive Johnny Olszewski has launched a nationwide search for a new chief and has not set a deadline for when he will appoint one.

“We look forward to having a robust search,” Olszewski said. “We’ll be engaging all of the major organizations to ensure that we are getting the best of the best. We want to make sure that we have the right person to lead this agency in the years ahead.”

Olszewski will not say if he fired former Chief Melissa Hyatt.

“Leaders come and go for a variety of reasons,” Olszewski said.

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