Melo Trimble Leveled Three Times in Terps’ Loss to West Virginia

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Melo Trimble
Melo Trimble playing in the 2014 McDonald’s All-American Boys Game. Photo by TonyTheTiger.

Maryland’s 69-59 loss to the West Virginia Mountaineers in the NCAA tournament Sunday came with emotional pain for Terps fans and some physical pain for freshman point guard Melo Trimble. Trimble hit the floor three times during the game.

The first time wasn’t such a big deal, but in the opening of the second half, he was leveled by a moving screen West Virginia forward Nathan Adrian. To a lot of fans (and Big Leads Jason McIntyre) the screen looked like “prison rules.” But after a replay, the referees ruled it legal. In any case, “it left Trimble crumbled [sic] on the floor” and sent it to the bench for a second. The final blow came from a teammate halfway through the second half. Trimble was kicked in the head trying to intercept a pass. He was sidelined for the final 8:25 of the game.

In his post-game interview, University of Maryland coach Mark Turgeon credited the loss to West Virginia’s being “terrific” and Maryland’s not “play[ing] well enough to win.” But losing their lead scorer didn’t help any.

Next year Maryland keeps three of its starters, including, of course, Trimble. Here’s to next year!

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