Men Dress Up as Women, Try to Crash NSA Gate

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nsarestTwo men dressed as women tried to break into Fort Meade on Monday morning, leading to a shootout that left one of the men dead, according to official statements and news reports.

The AP reports that the two men were driving an SUV, and tried to ram the gate at the base’s entrance off of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. National Security Agency (NSA) security then prevented them from breaking into the facility, and a firefight ensued. One of the men was killed in the incident, while the other was injured.

CBS News confirmed that cocaine and a weapon were found around the vehicle.

The FBI, which is leading the investigation, said the incident did not appear to be related to terrorism.

This isn’t the first time gunfire sounded at Fort Meade this month. Hong Young allegedly shot up an NSA building on the campus March 2 amid a spree of shooting incidents. No one was injured, and Young was arrested two days later.



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