Lucky MICA — the art school just received its biggest gift ever, from trustee/heir to the Noxema fortune George Bunting and his wife, Anne Bunting.

The $10 million endowment tops the $6 million that Eddie and Sylvia Brown donated in 2003, which helped build the Brown Center — that big glowy building that kind of looks like a super-sized Apple StoreThat gift trumped earlier donations from — you guessed it — the Buntings, who got the big (but less spectacular) Bunting Center named after them. Sound like a biggest-donor bidding war to anyone else?

Thankfully, though, the Buntings haven’t insisted that an even bigger, glowier building be erected in their honor. Instead, the just-donated funds are earmarked for the expansion of grad programs and research activity:
“With the Buntings’ support, MICA will be able to provide graduate students with scholarships and artmaking and technological resources, as well as offer students the flexibility and freedom to explore problem solving in an intensely thorough fashion.”

Which lines up nicely with MICA’s aim to expand its graduate school offerings in the years to come — they plan on upping grad enrollment by 64 percent by the end of the decade.

(photo by Flickr user Thomahawk1)