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Brian Stewart, a student at Morgan State University, dreamed of becoming a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, the same frat his mentor had joined. But the day after his interview, he was rejected for reasons he didn’t understand. And then someone sent him copies of Facebook messages that KAP members had exchanged about him, which featured some colorful language describing his sexual orientation.

In October, Stewart filed a formal complaint against the fraternity, and an investigation by Morgan found that KAP violated the school’s discrimination policies. The frat was placed on probation until fall 2015, meaning that it can’t participate in school-sponsored events, or host activities on or off campus. The complaint also inspired two university-wide discussions about discrimination.

“It’s all a part of something we’re going to continue to do just to make clear our expectations about tolerance and respect and support for one another,” Morgan spokesman Jarrett Carter Sr. told the Baltimore Sun. “Overall, the students have been telling us that this is very surprising and out of the ordinary.”