Athlete, activist, and showman Muhammad Ali, who died Friday, had so much greatness to spare that he donated some of it to the 2012 Baltimore Ravens.

Since John Harbaugh took over as head coach in 2008, the Ravens would repeat Ali’s famous line, “What’s my name?” (originally delivered mid-fight to an opponent who had refused to call the boxer by anything but his birth name of Cassius Clay) during huddles to get psyched up.

In September 2012, Ali and his wife Lonnie surprised the Ravens with a visit. The team hailed the legend with cries of “Champ!” and the couple were instantly converted into Ravens fans.

The Alis kept in communication with the team, texting their support and congratulations during the playoffs. After the Super Bowl, undefeated four-time world champion boxer Laila Ali tweeted a photo of her father cheering the team on in a Ray Lewis T-shirt.