Next time you need to get your driver’s license renewed, make sure that you and your vehicle aren’t set on autopilot straight to the same place you’ve always gone. If you do, you’ll just end up taking a stroll down memory lane, and maybe down a few aisles at Shopper’s. After 40 years in the Mondawmin location, the Motor Vehicle Administration has packed its bags and eased on down the road to a new Park Heights location at the Hilltop Shopping Center on Reisterstown Road. The new location is intended to keep the MVA in the city proper and also as part of the revitalization of the Park Heights community. Sad to see them move, but the new location has plenty of service windows, a bigger parking lot, and access to public transportation. Plus, the Park Height’s location is the MVA’s first with a 24-hour self-service kiosk where you can renew or return your license plates, get a copy of your driving record, and almost everything MVA-related that doesn’t require a test.