Sure, we’d rather that the National Pinball Museum stayed open (its short tenure as an Inner Harbor institution ended earlier this year, due to raising rents), but if it’s gonna close, we don’t mind profiting from it.

Supporters of the museum recently received an email announcing that the museum would be selling off some of its pinball machines in order to help cover costs for the move. So if you ever felt as if your living room was just… missing something, now you have your answer:  it was missing a pinball machine, and now you can get a cool one for cheap, while supporting a good cause. “Pricing has not been finalized at this point, but you can anticipate fair market values common in the pinball collector community,” the museum’s email notes. “Offers will be considered on any remaining inventory after 4PM. Please be prepared to haul away games at the time of purchase as we must vacate the build at the end of the sale.” Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 30; the sale begins at 10 a.m., and machines are expected to go fast.

Here’s what’s available:
Avatar – Stern – Working. Very nice. Holes in coin from card reader.
Black Hole – Gottlieb – Working. Very nice. Needs motor for black glass.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Gottlieb – Working. Nice cosmetics.
Old Coney Island – Game Plan – Almost working. Slight battery damage on MPU. Overall good condition.
Fiesta – Playmatic – Working. Nice cosmetics.
Frank Thomas’ Big Hurt – Gottlieb – Working. Very nice.
Jumping Jack – Gottlieb – Working. Clear coated playfield, new plastics and drop targets.
Mars God of War – Gottlieb – Working. Very nice. No sound (sound components needs to be rebuilt).
Monte Carlo – Bally – Working. Nice condition.
Pro Pool – Gottlieb – Working. Very nice restoration.
Pro-Football – Gottlieb – Working. Some PF ware and back glass flaking.
Royal Flush – Gottlieb – Working. Nice condition.
Secret Service – Data East – Working. Good condition. Weak upper flipper.
Sing Along – Gottlieb – Working.
Slick Chick – Gottlieb – Non-working. Above averageplayfield. Needs back box door. Back glass missing some ink.
Spirit of 76 – Gottlieb – Working. Good condition.
Street Fighter II – Gottlieb – Working. Good condition.
Subway – Gottlieb – Working. Average to good condition.
Take Five – Allied Leisure – Non-working. Nice cosmetics.
The Getaway: High Speed II – Williams – Working. Nice playfield. Avg. cabinet, DMD missing 6 vertical lines.
Theatre of Magic – Bally – Working. Very nice.
Thoro Bred – Gottlieb – Working. Good condition.
Time Machine – Data East – Working. Nice condition. Wrong pop bumper bodies and caps installed.
Time Machine – Zaccaria – Working. Very nice.