Natty Boh Cans Have Red Crab Tabs, and They Can Help The Bay

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Photo via HuffPo

When ordering a Natty Boh, Baltimoreans are used to keeping the caps. This summer, the tabs from cans are the centerpiece for a challenge.

Red tabs with crabs will be on Natty Boh cans. On the surface, it looks like a nice summer touch for crab season. According to the Boh, however, the tabs can also help the crustaceans that are among the living.

National Bohemian is pledging to¬†donate 10 cents to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for every crab tab that gets mailed back to Natty Boh Tower. They’re looking to raise $10,000 by Oct. 1. That’s 100,000 tabs, so let’s get drinking.

It’s kind of like one of those cereal box sweepstakes, except you get a better environment instead of a toy. Natty Boh has details on where to send the tabs.

The money is specifically for blue crab research and habitat restoration. The efforts on this front have been yielding, as the Bay had the most blue crabs of spawning age in two decades this year.


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