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Seeking a new brew for “life’s bright and breezy everyday moments,” National Bohemian today launched Day Beer, a lower-calorie, lower-alcohol content take on its beloved lager.

Per a release, “Day Beer offers today’s health-conscious drinkers a casual way to stay connected to their busy schedule while not sacrificing their social lives.”

Day Beer has an ABV of 3.8 percent percent, and 110 calories per 12 oz. can. A six-pack costs $6.99, and a 12-pack will run you $8.99.

The legacy beer is also rolling out a new mantra–“Live Pleasantly,” a spin on the “From the Land of Pleasant Living” slogan on Boh cans that dates back to when the beer was actually made in Baltimore. (Pabst Blue Ribbon has contract-brewed the beer through Miller-Coors for years.)

“When we keep it simple, live for fun, and ‘Brew Our Own Happiness’ so that we can share it with others–we contribute to culture in a way that we hope connects to people and encourages them to do the same,” Chris “C-Mo” Molloy, National Bohemian Brand Manager, said in a statement about the ethos of pleasant living.

Boh will also be bringing back its Crab Shack Shandy–the company’s first new beer in three decades at the time of its release last year–an easy-drinking lemon-flavored beer to enjoy along with crab-picking. And they’re also continuing the Tabs for Crabs program, pledging $.10 to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for every blue crab tab mailed into the company.

The brewer will donate up to $10,000 as part of the campaign, an amount reached in both 2017 and 2018.

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