NBC Stops by Baltimore to Film for the LeBron James-Produced Game Show ‘The Wall’

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Still via “The Wall”/NBC/YouTube

Crew members from a chaotic NBC game show co-produced by LeBron James stopped through Baltimore today to do some filming.

This morning, Patterson Park Neighborhood Association president Pat Lundberg tweeted a picture of an apparent filming application from NBC for the show. The Sun’s David Zurawik first reported the news.

The application indicates eight to nine crew members and actors planned to be working on-site at the sprawling Southeast Baltimore park for about five hours. Chances are that by the time you read this, they’ll have finished up.

Baltimore Film Office Director Debbie Dorsey confirmed on a phone call that NBC crew members would be here this afternoon.

“It’s just a quick shot, I think of potential contestants,” Dorsey said.

It’s hard to imagine they had time to put up a blinking, boisterous set at the park like the one they use on TV. For those who haven’t seen it, “The Wall” is a gameshow on which contestants can win large sums of money by answering trivia questions correctly. This sounds straightforward, but it’s not. They have to stay on their game while glowing balls fall down a four-story peg board reminiscent of Plinko from CBS’ “The Price is Right.” The show is massively stressful, but highly lucrative for those who perform well under pressure and enjoy a spurt of good luck with where the balls may lay.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James and his business manager, Maverick Carter, are co-producers of the game show alongside Chris Hardwick, who also serves as the host. Evidently, the show has been a hit since it premiered on Tuesday nights in December on NBC; it recently received a 20-episode extension from the network.

Last month, the network announced a casting call for its second season on Facebook. Perhaps we’ll be seeing a fellow Baltimorean playing for a hefty amount of cash on national TV sometime in the near future.

This marks the second time NBC crews have stopped in Baltimore in the last several days. This past Saturday, hopeful stars lined up for blocks around the Convention Center to audition for the “The Voice.”

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